Teensy 4.1 part

Here’s a part for the Teensy 4.1, based on the Teensy 3.6 from Nic Newdigate.

As a novice fritzing user, there’s likely things that can be improved. I’m happy to make changes as needed. Hopefully this can be useful to someone else.

Teensy 4.1.fzpz (40.8 KB)

you have to pass the part by fritzingcheckpart:

Thank you. There’s plenty of fixes the tool points out :slight_smile: I’ll post a new version when those are addressed.

Teensy 4.1.fzpz

the pads in the middle of the board are not connectors in Fritzing. It would be preferable that they be present as in this Teensy3.6 part:

Teensy 3.6 (Basic)_fixed.fzpz (42.7 KB)

although there appear to be more connectors on the 4.1 part.

The svgs are missing layerIds (which will casue the part to not export as an image.) To correct this do edit select all then group and name the group breadboard or schematic depending on the svg involved.

Schematic lacks terminalId which causes the connection to the middle of the pin rather than the end.

The terminalIds appear to be present but not properly configured. Here is an example for connector1 (connector0’s terminalId appears to be missing, just duplicate the connector1terminal rectangle and move it up .1in and rename it to connector0terminal):

The terminalId is set to connector18 (which will cause pin18 in schematic to connect to pin1 which is incorrect!) It is also slightly misaligned.

This corrects both problems. The x coord was changed from 0 to 0.005in and the id from connector18terminal to connector1terminal to create the correct alignment. The same needs to be done for all the other pins.

Both the font size (around 38px rather than 49px) and fill color (#8c8c8c) need to change to 49px and #555555 to match the graphic standard and to improve readability. It is desirable that the pin lengths change to .1in from .2in (which saves space in schematic which is always short!) as well.

before (but after rescaling the svg which is detailed here):

note this may not work correctly in Inkscape 1.0 (it didn’t in the beta!) I still use 0.94


Here pin 1 has the correct (darker) #555555 fill a font-size of 35px for the pin number and 49px for the label making the label larger and more readable (as well as meeting the graphics standard.) The pin has been reduced to be 0.1in long rather than .2in.

pcb lacks the silkscreen layerId which is why the board outline is not showing up in pcb view.

Error 53: File
At line 785

Bus nodeMember connector15 doesn’t exist

indicates that connector15 (likely one of the interior pads) got deleted but its associated bus definition did not. As well I expect the gnd2 pin should be in the ground bus but is not.

This tutorial series may give you information on how to correct the issues:


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Thanks so much for the detailed response. That clears up some confusion I had with some of the output of FritzingCheckPart. I’m incorporating your suggestions and should have a new version (and maybe some questions) in a couple days.

Hi Slax ! Many thanks for your invaluable help ! Have you managed to fix your Teensy 4.1 part ? Many thanks in advance for your reply !!!