Can't connect anything to top layer using custom part

I downloaded a custom part (Teensy 4.1) from this post.

Here’s the part I got for convenience:
Teensy 4.1.fzpz (40.8 KB)

For some reason I can’t connect anything on this part on the top layer. I tried editing the part but I can’t seem to be able to change anything. Looks like the connectors are already set to “Through holes” see screenshot below:

This is my circuit from the bottom layer, as you can see I can connect traces on the bottom layer:

This is the top layer - I can’t connect anything, the part is greyed out.

Any help is appreciated!

As you see from the post below the part, it has a number of problems which don’t appear to have been fixed. I expect this is one of them. When I get time (which is in short supply right now) I may fix it up, but it will take a while. However I could quickly fix the problem with pcb so here is a partial fix (there are still a lot of problems in schematic and possible elsewhere!)

Teensy 4.1-pcb-fixed.fzpz (40.8 KB)

You will need to remove the current part and restart Fritzing before it will let you load this one though. If you use delete minus the traces will remain and can be reconnected to the new part (although it is a PITA to do!)

Thanks very much Peter! I will try your suggestions.