Searching for part: 1.69 inch TFT display (ST7789V2, 240x280, SPI, by AZ-Delivery)

Hi everyone,

I’ve already been going trough many parts and search attempts but can’t find anything similar. Does somebody maybe know if this part already exists somewhere I haven’t looked?

Here’s the manufacturers product site (Also a datasheet can be downloaded there for ref - right box, at the bottom):
1.69-inch TFT display with 240 x 280 resolution, ST7789V2 driver - rounded corners and SPI interface

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

This part is as close as there is at present (and it isn’t worth making a new part as this one will do …) The pinout which is the important part is identical.


Hi Peter,

thanks a lot for sharing! So I’ve created new SVGs based on the part you’ve shared (as a realistic estimation on form and size will be pretty important in the PCB design in the end) but when I import them to the new parts editor everything is scrambled all over the place. Would you mind having a look at my SVGs to check what I did wrong?


(I can also send the others later, but I’m limited to one file at a time as a new user :grinning: )


Your svg doesn’t appear to have uploaded. Upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu. As well you need to either edit the svg with a text editor or run the svg throug to remove the px values that Inkscape or other svg editors add for CSS compliance (which Fritzing complains about usually by setting the font size to 0. This tutorial may also help (it has details on using as well.)


A better idea is to upload the .fzpz file of your part as that has both the .fzp file and all the svgs in a single file and is much easier to correct. I also believe that it is one file per reply so multiple replies will let you upload multiple files. (one at a time still though!)