SCD30 CO2 + temperature + humidity sensor

Hi everybody, I’ve just started to use fritzing and already dared to make my own part as I wasn’t able found a fritzing file for the SCD30 sensor - despite all the documents available at the manufacturer’s website.

So, I am sure made a lot of mistakes (although walking through all those tutorials was certainly helpful, thanks to the community for the effort!), but the part seems to work for me, so I would like to hear your comments, so I can improve the part :slight_smile:

The fritzing file for that part can be found on github - or is uploading it directly the preferred method?

And how is the procedure to let the component find its way into the fritzing library?


Gee, I’m a bit surprised that this part works, ie, it does most of the stuff I thought you couldn’t do. Well if it gerbers, I guess it can be used.

Yeah, it’s best to upload it here using the 7th button in the reply toolbar, because hosted parts become lost in the internet.

it’s indeed the 7th button :slightly_smiling_face:

The uploaded file is in the attachment + the direct link to the GitHub repository.

SCD30.fzpz (106.7 KB)

Well if it gerbers, I guess it can be used.

I don’t really know what that means (to gerber is a word I don’t know - no native speaker here), but the part works in my understanding in fritzing.

Aha, thanks for that, I’ll try to do (and understand) that later.

The youtube video you inserted and a wikipedia-page just told me that Gerber is a file format used for PCB design. If I open the parts editor, PCB view and then Export --> for Production --> Extended Gerber it says:
Your sketch does not have a board yet! Please add a PCB in order to export to Gerber.

But that also happens when I open one of the other pre-defined parts with the part editor. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand therefore how that is related to the correctness of the single part…? (In my understanding the Gerber-Check should be performed for your full setup, not for single parts?)

Yes, the gerber export is for the current sketch, which typically has multiple parts with traces between connectors. As a minimal test for your part file, create a new sketch document, place the part, add a few connecting wires, then try the export.

Thanks for the reply!

I just did as you suggested, and it looks OK to me (thanks to @Old_Grey for his detailed video!). Any next step I should perform to further ensure the part is OK?

Even though it gerbers I didn’t check the dimensions, so make sure it is right before you get any PCB made that this part plugs into, ie, print out the PCB and see if the part plugs into the paper.

EDIT - if you watch all that vid it explains why it’s so important.

I see what you mean, thanks!

if you watch all that vid it explains why it’s so important.
indeed, quite condensed amount of information, I like that :slight_smile: