Request for the SCD30 CO2 sensor

Hi everybody,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to put up a request, but I’m just curious if anybody has already made the SCD-30 for fritzing?

I am new to fritzing (and Arduino) and thought of doing it myself, but making your own components seems to be a bit more complicated than I initially thought…

Link to data-sheet:
Link to STEP file:

If such requests do not belong here, I’m sorry dear moderator, please delete this post.


The request really should be in parts help, but either works. It looks like there is a fritzing part as it is used here, but I didn’t see the .fzpz file for the fritzing part anywhere. You might ask in the comments about whether the fritzing part is available.

The reference was found in a google search for “fritzing part scd30” in the images section.


Hi vanepp, thanks for you reply (and sorry for the wrong section here)! I also found that link you are referring to and contacted the author directly (and there is already a request in the comments) but no answer so far - I guess I’ll just wait for a few more days.

Well, I managed to make the part on my own following the tutorial here - although I’m not sure if I made everything correct.

My question now is, if I want to enter something useful into the metadata, is it generally OK to copy and paste text from the original datasheet, or would that be considered as a copyright problem?

I generally do it, sometimes paraphrasing what it says, but whether it is a copyright violation or not I don’t know. Feel free to post your part here and we will help you improve it if you like. I was hoping the original was available because they have a good breadboard view which is where most of the work is, but it sounds like it isn’t available.


Hm, should I maybe start a new topic - to be clean with the title and everything?

You can do that, but this post is about this sensor so continuing on here is fine too. The Sparkfun tutorial is fairly old, most of it probably applies but some likely doesn’t any more. Old_Grey’s vidio tutorials or this series by me are a better bet for the current version:


SCD30.fzpz (13.1 KB)

here we it. this is a improved version of the one that was already there.

Summary (of the summary): There are several breaking errors in this version of the part too. As well as additional cosmetic problems that should be cleaned up.

I ran the contents of that part file through FritzingCheckPart. Here is a summary (in a comment on another post) of what it reported, and what I noticed doing a manual inspection and smoke test in Fritzing.