Prototype Screw/Terminal Block Shield Board Kit for Arduino MEGA 2560

Dear community,

I need to create a fritzing part for this protoboard. However, I am not sure how to get started as the product does not have a datasheet available. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Do you want a part, or to make a sketch? If it’s a part do you want it for all views, or just BB view?

If you don’t have a datasheet you usually just measure the board.

How to make parts, and at the bottom how to use FZ

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Hi Old_Grey, thanks for replying! I just want BB view. Thanks for the tutorial link :star2: :star2: :star2:

I was lucky to find this Fritzing thread and found out that under Core parts library there are single-sided perfboards available! Will checkout the tutorial series to make more customized parts:)

If there is an Eagle dwg you might be able to convert it to FZ, but the way I would do it is draw the 120.24x77.2mm green PCB in Inkscape, get the screw terminal svg from the part in FZ and lay them around the outside, and then get the MEGA PCB svg and delete lines not needed so it’s just headers and place that accurately on the green PCB. If you want all those prototype pads you will have to set up a grid and place them.

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Hi Old Grey, thanks for replying! I have laid out the green PCB in inkspace, but wonder how I can set up a grid and place the holes in InkSpace. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you : )

I’m doing a vid for that now.

Grids in INK - File/Doc Prop

Here is a preliminary vid that shows how to get stuff out of other parts so you don’t have to draw them.