Place components using copy of breadboard

I am new a fritzing and this Forum and struggling with placing components on a strip board. I have placed the components in the wrong hole or cut the wrong strip location doing it free hand. I think I can could overlay a 1:1 copy of the breadboard, carefully allign it to the strip or P board, insert my components through the paper and hole, bend the leads, and solder and cut when all the components are alligned with the paper copy and secure to the board.

Please comment and advise.


Welcome aboard! They make pcbs that match breadboards like this one (and many others)

from a google search for “breadboard protoboard pcb”

which may do what you want easier. There are also components (usually named top view) that are specifically designed for perfboard use that only take up the space they occupy in breadboard (normal components are quasi 3d and larger than they appear in life. Blue made a bin file of a lot of them here

Some folks also use pcb view to make perf board designs as components there are typically life size. It looks like you are using RJ45 connector, is that what you intend to use in the final project? There are other types of connectors available if not.