Breadboard Top View Part Collection | #4

Here are some “Breadboard Top View” parts collection… With SMD parts…
Many of them created by Peter Van Epp. Some are new…

I redesigned them for realistic view as much I can…
I made some small SMD components as top view also, for easy use on Perfboard and for size comparison

If You want to request for new top view part, make sure that is a very common part. I can’t make every unique parts.

But, Also have 20+ triac, transistor, scr, mofet top-view parts for easy SCHEM/PCB making. If you need those, ask.

1. Top View - Ceramic Capacitor 100.fzpz (5.4 KB)
2. Top View - Ceramic Capacitor 200.fzpz (5.4 KB)
3. Top View - Rectifier Diode Stand 100.fzpz (6.8 KB)
4. Top View - Rectifier Diode Stand 200.fzpz (6.7 KB)
5. Top View - Rectifier Diode 300.fzpz (3.1 KB)
6. Top View - Resistor Stand 100.fzpz (4.9 KB)
7. Top View - Resistor Stand 200.fzpz (5.1 KB)
8. Top View - Resistor 300.fzpz (5.5 KB)
9. Top View - Tantalum Capacitor.fzpz (4.6 KB)
10. Top View - Electrolytic Capacitor.fzpz (6.7 KB)

11. Top View - LED Red 3mm.fzpz (6.3 KB)
12. Top View - LED Red 5mm.fzpz (6.2 KB)
13. Top View - TO-92 (Raw).fzpz (4.5 KB)
14. Top View - TO-220 (Raw).fzpz (5.2 KB)
15. Top View - TO-220 4pin.fzpz (5.7 KB)
16. Top View - Power Inductor.fzpz (6.4 KB)
17. Top View - SMD Cap 0603.fzpz (1.7 KB)
18. Top View - SMD Cap 0805.fzpz (1.7 KB)
19. Top View - SMD Cap 1206.fzpz (1.7 KB)
20. Top View - SMD Res 0603.fzpz (2.0 KB)

21. Top View - SMD Res 0805.fzpz (2.0 KB)
22. Top View - SMD Res 1206.fzpz (2.0 KB)
23. Top View - SMD Res 2010.fzpz (2.0 KB)
24. Top View - SMD Res 2512.fzpz (2.1 KB)
25. Top View - SMD Reg SOT223.fzpz (4.0 KB)
26. Top View - SMD Triode SOT23.fzpz (3.7 KB)
27. Top View - SMD Diode DO214.fzpz (1.7 KB)
28. Top View - SMD FBR MBF.fzpz (7.1 KB)
29. Top View - SMD FBR ABS.fzpz (9.0 KB)
30. Top View - Buzzer.fzpz (2.6 KB)

31. Top View - Crystal MHz.fzpz (4.2 KB)


32. Top View - SMD LED 0805.fzpz (4.8 KB)
33. Top View - SMD LED 1206.fzpz (4.9 KB)



Batch File:
Top View (1-31).fzbz (139.1 KB)


That is fantastic - so much better than the clunky parts in the app
One thing though - it would be great if you could put all the parts in a zip file…


Yes, zip/batch file would be great… I updated with batch file, that can be imported by Fritzing…

Top-Bin Updated & New Batch File:
Top View (1-35).fzbz (160.9 KB)

I’ve just started using Fritzing and already on my first project I became frustrated with how much of the board is covered by most THT components. This is a massive upgrade, and in a single batch file no less. Not only that, but as somebody new to electronics I hadn’t considered mounting resistors and diodes vertically. Out of habit I’ve always soldered them flat to the board. Just looking through the library made me realize how useful a vertical position will be on some crowded boards.

Thank you so much for this. Fritzing is now what I hoped it would be.

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Thank u…
I also faced that problem, so I collected other’s & mine…

I created a variant of “12. Top View - LED Red 5mm.fzpz” that is centered on the pins (no movable leads). I also created a black IR phototransistor variant. Enjoy!

Note: This is meant for perfboard use only, so there aren’t schematic or pcb images (also because I’m not really sure how to make those.)


LED_Red-5mm-top-view-centered.fzpz (2.6 KB)

IR_phototransistor-5mm-top-view-centered.fzpz (2.8 KB)

Just upload the .png file the same as the parts and the image will be rendered.


It would be preferable to have schematic and pcb as well as breadboard for folks that want them …


You should be able to use the images from the non- top view parts these are based on. Those should be exactly the same. Not fully confirmed, but it should actually be possible to simply reference the image files in the core parts. Custom parts like this can (from a minimal test) use image files from the core parts. That does need a bit of manual editing of the xml (text) fzp file, but just enough to put the file names in the right spot for the view layers.

I’m not really willing to try to figure all that out, TBH. Would it be better for me to just delete my post or is it okay to remain incomplete?

It is fine to remain as is. It is useful as is, and I may add the schematic and pcb parts from core.


Great… It’s useful…
I also having problem with the legs, but ignoring it…

So I just quickly edited mine (with other view)…
38. Top View - LED 5 (No Leg).fzpz (5.7 KB)
39. Top View - LED 3 (No Leg).fzpz (5.7 KB)

These have all 3 views, also color changing option…

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