NPN Transistor Pin Numbers

Hi, I have seen a couple of posts on this issue, but is it possible to change the pin numbers on Transistor so it reads correctly? The Transistor I have should read 1C 2B 3E (BC547).

In addition, I am also looking for a good tutorial on how to make my own parts, any recommendations?

Different NPN transistors have different pin outs. All of them are currently using the same schematic though. What should work, is setting your transistor to the NPN (CBE) type using Inspector. That set the pin order in breadboard view correctly, and hovering over the pins in schematic view show the correct CBE information. It is just the labels, which are part of the shcematic image that are wrong.

I did some work awhile ago to create a complete set of NPN, PNP, FET, JFET and more transistors that had better, more consistent schematic and pcb footprings (packages), but it was never completed. As I recall, that was coming out with something like 192 parts once the various combinations were taken into account.

These two sets of tutorials apply to the current versions of Fritzing (most of the others are for older versions of the software.) Using Eagle2Fritzing is more difficult yet (for starters you need a Fritzing development environment to build Eagle2Fritzing!) If you need a small number of parts, it is easier to convince one of us that know parts making to make them for you. That said we are always willing to help people to make parts as everyone benefits from more people willing and able to make parts.

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Thank you very much for that, I know getting someone else to do stuff can be quicker but I enjoy learning and I’m always keen to learn more!

When you run in to problems feel free to ask. We are always happy to help people learn to make parts. If you see unclear parts in the tutorials feel free to raise them too, there haven’t been any comments but I don’t know if that is because people give up on making parts after reading them or not.


That is Peter, it’s something I will be exploring as I do have some requirements for components not in the libraries.