Need Help - Keys L298P

Does anyone have this part? I can’t do it and I really needed it


Datasheet file

You can get base image here

Please help me, how to make it, I tried so many tutorials and I cant seem to figure it out…

It takes more than an image to create a part. It needs a data sheet that shows the function and location of each of the connection pins. The link in the initial post is dead. That appears to be an Ardunio Uno style shields, but that still needs details about all of the additional pins. The web page for ordering the part could have a “technical details” section with the needed details.

To use directly for the breadboard view of the part, the image needs to be svg format, with proper scaling.

To create the part yourself, these two sets of tutorials apply to the current versions of Fritzing (most of the others are for older versions of the software.) Using Eagle2Fritzing is more difficult yet (for starters you need a Fritzing development environment to build Eagle2Fritzing!) If you need a small number of parts, it is easier to convince one of us that know parts making to make them for you. That said we are always willing to help people to make parts as everyone benefits from more people willing and able to make parts.

There appears to be enough information to make a part in these two posts from the arduino forum

unfortunately I’m still working on several other threads and don’t currently have time to make a part.


I’m giving up… I’m photoshop it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your trouble and help…

Best regards