Micro SD card shield

A new version (with better PCB color - no CSS) and labels
MicroSD Card Module.fzpz (17.1 KB)

Schematic has some issues. The VCC pin is correct, aligned to the grid properly, but the other pins are scaled wrong and are not aligned to the 0.1in grid as they should be.

That looks to be because the schematic svg isn’t correctly aligned

As well it lacks a layerId it needs to look like this to fuction correctly (as it stands it probably won’t export as an image)

The easiest way to fix this (assuming you are using Inkscape) is to use Randy’s Fritzing schematic Inkscape extension which will create a properly formatted schematic svg. Details of using it can be found in this parts making tutorial (along with other suggestions.)

or in this post on the extension

As well the holes in pcb are only 0.031in for 0.1in headers they should be 0.038in (again how to fix this in Inkscape is in the tutorial.) Running the part through FritzingCheckPart.py (which I haven’t done) may turn up more problems.


I forgot to disable the other views. Id did not fix the problem. Other views than breadboard are useless in my eyes