Looking for 12 BH 7 elektron-tube (triode)

Link: Click here

Not sufficient information here to do anything useful. There are some pcb only tube sockets available here:

but they are not full parts (no breadboard or schematic.) To make a full part we would need a data sheet with the mechanical and schematic data for the tube you want (which doesn’t appear to be present in the link provided.)


Peter helped me to put 12BH7 design (and most other PCB mount tube socket bases) in fritzing library. Here is list of vacuum tube bases that Peter helped me with to add to the fritzing library:

7 pin
8 pin octal
9 pin noval
9 pin magnoval / novar
12 pin compactron

The 12BH7 uses 9 pin noval. Link below to the location thread:
Vacuum tube sockets Layout. Specifically: tube-socket-9pin.fzpz (3.9 KB)

Locations of other mentioned tube footprints, per development threads, are tedious to discover-
Hopefully Peter could guide you to a library where the .fzpz files of other sockets are listed.
Welcome aboard to fritzing, the customer service here is impeccable.

Thanks that helped a lot :slight_smile: