12 pin tube socket layout

Working on new fritzing PCB layout for 100W 2ch tube amp. Using 12 pin- GZC12-Y. I’ve laid it out in CAD and attached dimensioned jpeg.
Be advised widely published 'net diagram of that model is incorrect (pin circle of 16mm) vs what I received (25mm). Latter is accurate- based on what I received & judging from pics of same products. Center .380"D circle ink only, please.
Peter has been great help… kindly ask for his assistance adding these models to fritzing library. If need cartesian points for hole locations, can supply.

This should do almost what you want.

edit: replaced with a corrected version with 0.07in holes in pcb.

tube-socket-12pin.fzpz (5.5 KB)

The two issues in question are the size of the holes in pcb (currently set for 0.03in same as the 10 pin socket) and the diameter of the tube (which isn’t specified in your drawing.) I made it a bit bigger than the pins but I don’t know how much bigger it should be. The objective is to be able to put two tubes next to each other in pcb and have them not overlap.


Realized I forgot to attach the spec sheet late last nite Peter- lol.
The pin holes are .070". Thats same hole size as previous 7 & 9 pin sockets, iirc. Maybe youre thinking 10 pin version of 9 pin layout, which was discussed.
Thanks again :upside_down_face:
Spec sheet

While were at it, here is the other popular socket (octal). Notice it uses notched inner hole for location, so ink’ed inner hole will need to show the notch for reference. Not shown on sheet, but inner hole is 8mm D. Also notice pin size is 2mm. Maybe 2.2 or 2.3mm D hole sizes??
Didn’t CAD this one cuz holes are easy 45* circular pattern. Looks like theyre on 26.5mm D.
Thanks Peter,

This should do what you want. Holes are 0.09in (around 2.4mm) it would be a good bet to print the footprint at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real socket to make sure it is right though. I assumed the pins are on a 17.5mm dia circle from the drawing above.

edit: Change pins to be on a 26.5mm diameter circle as requested

tube-socket-Octal.fzpz (6.0 KB)


The actual tube pins are on 17.5mm D circle, but what we need for PCB layout are the socket pins, which are on 26.5mm D circle.
BTW- 12 pin socket layout is spot on :wink:

OK, I just replaced the octal part with one with the pins on 26.5mm dia circle. See if that does the job.


That works, Thanks Peter-
Library now contains the 4 most common tube socket types. Theres 1 more called magnoval thats used some, but I don’t have an actual part to check print, so we can visit that later if ok.