Is the TSR 1-2450 in the Parts Catalog?

I have not found that part available for Fritizing.

Has anyone used another/similar part with he same geometry that could be use to create PCB?

TSR 1-2450

Adafruit maintains their own fritzing parts repository although it doesn’t seem to be in there at a quick look. It is a trivial part to make though, so I can create one easily enough.

This should do what you want. As always check the footprint against a real part before ordering boards (preferably by printing the output from a gerber viewer to check as that is what will cut the board). As a bonus (although come to think of it, I didn’t tasg it that way) this is in perfboard format as opposed to standard breadboard.

edit2: Failed to resize page in the pcb svg truncating the silkscreen outline. Corrected, so if you have downloaded this part please download it again.

TSR12450.fzpz (5.5 KB)


Thank you very much!


Can you point me in the direction as to how to add an outline on that in the PCB view?

I put the part on the project but in the PCB view there is no way to grab it to move or rotate it.

I could not figure out how to edit that?


My bad, I didn’t edit silkscreen. I don’t think you can do it from within Fritzing, you need to use an svg editer (I use Inkscape) and edit the svg. If you want to learn parts making there are a series of videos, but it has a steep learning curve (depending on where you start). For me with no knowledge of Fritzing or svg editing it was around a year. Mant if the tutorials around are for older versions of Fritzing, these two are for the current version:

meanwhile I’ll add a proper outline to the pcb svg and upload a new version.


Easier than I thought. The outline was there, I just failed to resize the svg, so it was outside the view box and thus truncated. If you download the part again you should now have a proper silkscreen outline.


Thank you very much. It is very helpful.