How to add osoyoo LoRa Module

I searching how to add the same module for lora in my project as the link below
and thank you so much for advanced

It looks like they have but have not published a Fritzing part for this module. So you should ask them for the Fritzing part, or try one of the other ones that show up in a search for

fritzing part osoyoo lora module

which turns up several parts (although not for this particular unit) or we could make a new part if there is sufficient information available (which it looks like there is.) First try the osoyoo folks (because the other 2 modules found in the search are not suitable) and if they don’t respond ask here again and I’ll consider making one.


It is your lucky day. I was making a new tutorial and needed an example part, so I used this and thus made a part for this:

ossoyoo-lora-module.fzpz (6.4 KB)