Editing - Lora UART module E220 from Ebyte

So I go myself a bunch of Lora modules from Ebyte such as :

  • E220-900T22D
  • E32-900T20D

I found the part that Peter did a while ago here How to add osoyoo LoRa Module - projects - fritzing forum

And was thinking to simply change the text by editing the part however I canʼt seem to figure how to edit each text section. The sections are selectable so I must not be awaken enough…

As I understood, there is no point in looking at datasheets for diferences between modules right? The pins are the same and simulation only work for leds ? (no RX/TX or other connections debbug?)

Just wondering if there is a point to create another variant of the same module exept for the text on it.

You can’t edit the svg from the parts editor you need to use a svg editor such as Inkscape to change the svg. Instructions are available in this tutorial: