How do I find parts in Fritzing

I have been trying to produce a board layout in Fritzing, but finding the parts seems to be hit or (most likely) miss.

Is there a systematic way of finding things. The preview pictures seem to have little relation with what is displayed when selected

At the moment I am trying to find a 4 pin female header.

“SparkFun-Connectors-M08-SMD-STRAIGHT” looks like the kind of thing I want, but I only want 4 pins. There seem to be number of variants, for practically every number of pins, but not 4.

There are a variety of ways of finding fritzing parts. First search for what you want with the parts search in the parts bin (the magnifying glass which by default is at the very bottom). That will find parts in core that aren’t in the bins. Then if it isn’t there then you can search google for ‘fritzing part your_part’ which may turn the part up on github or in someones private stash or in the projects directories on the main fritzing site (downloading the fzz file will often find the referenced part in the temp parts bin from where you can export it and use it). In this case what you are likely looking for is connector (first item in the block marked connection in the core parts bin). If you drag that on to the sketch and then click on it the Inspector window on the lower right will let you change the number of pins to 4 and whether it is female or male and other parameters (but only if it is in the sketch not in the parts bin).


Thank you. I found the part I want in Core.

The search occasionally seems to find what I want, but amid lots of irrelevant “hits”, and it didn’t find this.

If you search Generic Header you will get a 2 pin generic header. Drag that out and then in the inspector you can adjust the number of pins. The key to finding the parts for laying out PCBs is to not look for exactly what you want but rather search for a specific footprint or search for a product family such as accelerometer and then look through the results for one with the correct footprint even if it is the wrong part number etc. Also even if you pull out the wrong part (maybe the wrong size smd resistor) you can then go into the inspector and change its size or even change from through hole to smd.

You can search for a part in the search box and just hover on each part and look at the 3 icon previews in the Inspector. The PCB footprint gives away most of the parts.

Yes search is somewhat odd. I think the problem is likely that it is using the tags information from parts which is user supplied and of variable quality. It may also be using information from the descriptions (I haven’t actually looked at the source to see though.) As you have found there is often a lot of irrelevant parts included, many of which seem totally unrelated to the search but it is none the less a good place to start.


Thanks vanepp for your explanation… It helped me…