Ground fill seeds

Fritzing does not seed pins of basic elements.
Generic female header
Generic IC, SO-08

Ground fill keepout 10 mil, but tried with 5 but not working.
Please find attached a simple test.

test.fzz (3.5 KB)

0.9.9 version, MAC Monterey, Apple M1 Pro

You don’t have any connections to ground so there is no ground to seed. You need to make a connection to ground in at least one view to get a ground fill (AFAIK, I’m not a ground fill expert!) This should make ground fill work I believe

I’m not sure if you need the trace in pcb to be routed or if the rats nest line will be sufficient, but you need at least the rats nest line to tell Fritizing it should be ground.


Thanks Peter!

However your answer is not correct, because 0.93b version works.

In the other hand, this file is only a test file to make the problem clear, on my original file there are several pins connected to the ground.

And this is the 0.9.9

furthermore, if I ground fill seeds the first or last element of the generic female header in 0.9.9, then it works… So must be something about the keep out calcualtion problem.

Sounds like you have found a bug that needs someone that is better than I at ground fill to verify!


Thank you for your support! :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a nice day!

Could it be that you found this issue?

Yes, that could be!


I just recently played with ground fills and found the results to be pretty bad. I documented the problems, or issues, I encountered here.

I read thru the posted github bug report posted by @fai and I didn’t notice any mentions of the issues I found in my next post here. The issue I mention there is after I was done with the ground fill in pcb view, I couldn’t select some components in schematic or breadboard views. When I hovered the mouse over the components, the tool tip that appeared by the pointer indicated the part was a copper fill and not the component itself. I think there is more than one issue with ground fills…

I think you should be able to select any net as a seed for the ground fill. Ground fill doesn’t have to be a ground connection. In fritzing, copper fills have no connections, they are just copper areas that are not removed during pcb manufacture. Ground fills do have connections and can be connected to anything really. Use a ground fill with the +Vdc as the seed, and it could connect all the +Vdc connections together. Should be able to create one side of pcb as ground plane, and the other side as the +Vdc plane.

Or at least, I hope you could do that. I haven’t tested it…