Fritzing breadboard power rail colors don't reflect real life

I want to document a breadboard layout for students, but some real life boards : 830 breadboard have the power rails marked with positive differently with respect to the a1 pin:

All the Fritzing boards with power rails displayed have the reverse, so I cant use the app for my diagrams. The color of the power rails in relation to the numbering/lettering of the rails does not reflect reality.

How do I switch them?

Are you sure the breadboard isn’t ambiguous, like this one:

Here is an image of the referenced breadboard from amazon:

Here is the Fritzing breadboard (which lacks the + and - signs) in default orientation:

so right mouse click on the breadboard to select it and rotate it 180 degrees:

which moves it in to as close to the amazon breadboard as it comes:

If that isn’t good enough a custom breadboard part would need to be made (which is possible but a fair amount of work!)


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