Files for : DWIN HMI 3.5 Inch Ips LCD Capacitive Touch Display

HI, Hope you are in great health. I need a fritzing part for a : DWIN HMI 3.5 Inch Ips LCD Capacitive Touch Display there are other LCDs available in the libraries but i cant quite find any that is closley related to this. If anyone has a premade design or a design closely related and if they could help me id be very thankful. Its not very commonly used to i dont actually expect to find the design but id be content with even one thats closley related. Im working on a project and ive been looking for a single phase control transformer (240 Ac to 70AC) aswell but no luck in that either Hope someone can help me soon.

There seem to be several models. I’m assuming you want this one (as it is the best documented one.) I think the main difference is resolution which Fritzing doesn’t care about so any one should do.

For the transformer, there is one in core parts (type transformer in to the part search box and it will come up.) It likely isn’t identical to what you want but is a transformer (if you need a pcb you would need the specs of the exact transformer you want.)


This part should do what you want.

DWN-HMI-3_5in-tft-display.fzpz (5.3 KB)


Peter i cant tell how greatful I am for this thats exactly the model i need. This really helped me. By any chance do you have the module of (MSD-006)(
and the Control transformer I mentioned before. again i really appreciate the help

The DM860 here:

edit there is also this alternate (somewhat different I think) one:

is likely as close as there is. a google search of the form “fritzing part stepper motor driver” should find anything else that is out there. As noted the transformer is available in core parts.


After a google search (there is very little useful information available on this device) I found a pdf doc that let me read the device connections. They don’t match either of the available stepper drivers. I’ll generate a new part that matches the pdf.


This part should do what you want.

MSD-006-stepper-driver.fzpz (5.6 KB)


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