ESP8266 NodeMCU LoLin

ESP8266 NodeMCU LoLin module.fzpz (85.8 KB)

ESP8266 NodeMCU LoLin base.fzpz (131.2 KB)

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I haven’t seen the second one before, but I’m pretty sure I have done the first one somewhere in here. As I have said before it is a good bet to do a google search for the part first to be sure you aren’t reinventing the wheel (as that wastes effort). If you are correcting a problem thats fine though. As usual nice looking parts.


hello, i have a question about this esp8266 part, how do i download the esp8266 board for development because at the board selection button i can only see arduino and picaxe board options, but i want to use the espboard because it is the central microcontroller.

or is there another way to run my codes with the arduino board module when it is not the central microcontroller am using ?

Unfortunately code download only works for the picaxe, the arduino is not working. So you would need to download your code to the esp8266 via an external IDE either one for the esp8266 or the Arduino IDE if it supports the esp8266.


Thank you, I need this version of MCU very nice work.