Breadboard with 6 holes either size of central channel

Can anyone help locate a breadboard part with 6 holes either side of the central channel? I have such a board and it is needed for the Lolin NodeMCU ESP8266 board ESP8266

You are going to have to be more specific, ie, a link, because I don’t think anyone can work it out from that.

If you are searching for a fritzing part, here is how.

Sorry if my description was not clear enough! :blush:
I hope these 1000 more words make it clearer!

In addition to the extra row of pins on each side of center, that breadboard is different in a couple more ways. The outside rails are using groups of 6 pins instead of 5, and the groups are separated by gaps that are 2 pins wide instead of 1. From the picture, I am curious if the “power” (red) rail is split in the middle, but the “ground” (black) rail is not split. An important detail if trying to create an accurate part file.

I seem to remember there being some alternate breadboard layout parts around, but a quick search did not locate any of them.