DRV8835 by akizukidenshi.com

DRV8835 12pin.

Mounted on a DIP substrate with a width of 2.54mm pitch 12 pins (6x2).
Necessary capacitors are mounted on the power supply lines (VM, VCC).

The board size is H 15mm V 10mm.


A number of problems in this part. Most layerIds are missing which means the part won’t export as an image, the family is still “Mystery Part” (which will cause issues if you change something in Inspector) and schematic is not correctly aligned to the 0.1in grid and doesn’t have terminalIds (which causes the wire to connect to the middle of the pin.)

This parts making tutorial covers everything I did here to correct this part:

which includes using this Inkscape extension to correct schematic:

Here is a corrected part

Akizuki-Denshi-AE-DRV8835-S.fzpz (12.3 KB)

It has a new moduleId and file names and thus can be loaded alongside your original part for comparison. The new schematic looks like this:

Note the pin numbering has changed to the standard Fritzing layout so the two parts will not replace one another. Hope this helps.