Custom Part imports blurry

I am having trouble creating a new part.
I need to make a version of the ESP32C3-DevkitC-02.
I made the SVG file and tried to import it, but it always imports blurry.
When I open the SVG on anything that isn’t fritzing it is clear.
Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this? I have attached the SVG and an image of the imported file.



Your input svg appears to be poor quality. This is the breadboard from this part

compared to your part (both displayed in Inkscape)

Note that your connectors are not on 0.1in boundaries (i.e. aren’t on the grid) as well, so this won’t show well in Fritzing.

I expect you would be better off to start from the breadboard in the part above and go from there. As well this tutorial may help somewhat