Create new part,

Hello Fritz Forum,

I need create a part for a PIR sensor HC-SR505. The tutorial
’ To create a part from scratch, open the Part Editor under Part > New in the menu bar.
When Part is clicked on there is no "New’. There is ‘Edit (new parts editor)’ but it is greyed out.
There is also Export, Flip Horizontal, Flip vertical. But they are also greyed out. Then there is Rotate, Raise and Lower, Align , Select All locked Parts, Add to bin,…
Select outdated parts, Find part in sketch, Regenerate parts database.

No ‘New’

How does one create a new part?


Allen in Dallas

First do an extensive search for the part, incase someone has made one.
Hints from another post on how to search.

Make totally new parts.

The parts editor won’t start from completely empty. It needs a part to start from. Switch to breadboard view, a place a part. The generic “IC” is a common place to start. Click to select the placed part, then go to the Part menu. The edit option is not grayed out any more.

You will need those tutorials to get very far.

There is an existing part pointed to in this forum thread (found by a google search for “fritzing part HC-SR505”) for a HC-sr501 part which would be a good place to start assuming the 501 part itself won’t do (making parts is difficult.)