Anyone got an N20 Geared Mini Motor Fritzing part?

Looked online, found nothing.

Here is the datasheet:

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I looked at the link you provided and that device appears to be nothing more than a common dc motor. Yes, it has a gear box attached to it to reduce output speed and increase output torque, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a common dc hobby motor.

There is a DC Motor included with fritzing, any reason why that generic part won’t work for you? I mean, I could create this part for you so graphically it looks like your part, but electrically, it would be the same part…

Feel free to ask questions,

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dude yes that would be amazing, can you create it to look graphically like it, im terrible at graphic design, it would be much appreciated

There is geared motors on this site.

You can also do a Goo image search for “geared motor fritzing” and see if you can spot one, then chase it down to see if they have it on their site.

id like the geared motor that looks like this one:

but no way to download it

You need to be tenacious in searches to find FZ parts because they are all over the place, ie, you have to try every word you can think of and add fritzing.

Is this ok - pull it out of the .fzz

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Does it really matter if the breadboard part looks 100% percent like your part, or only 50% looks like your part?

The schematic would be the same, and so would the PCB. So what’s the difference? the schematic and PCB parts are what is needed to have a PCB made for your project.

So what is wrong if the breadboard view is not 100% accurate?


The problem is the new comers don’t know that FZ is a small EDA, and that it won’t have a lot of parts - like every small EDA -, and not many people know how to do vector drawing - everyone knows raster -, so even less parts are made.

yes cause it gets confusing if you have the different parts and visually on the breadboard both motors looks the same, but look totally different in real life

I don’t know what search you used to find that sketch @Old_Grey :upside_down_face:!

The breadboard view looks good, but it needs to be combined with other details to make a proper part. The pcb and part information is for “Pololu 3.3V Step-up Voltage Regulator U1V11F3”. I gather that the creator was mainly interested in the breadboard view (and maybe schematic), and didn’t bother cleaning up the rest.

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Fixed part - DC Mini Metal Gear Motor.fzpz (7.7 KB)

Yeah it takes a bit of searching. It a bit easier to spot when Google is set to image, then it’s add “Fritzing” to many combinations of DC motor, geared motor, Micro Metal Gearmotor, L293D, etc. It does take time, that’s why I insist the poster do the searching because you have to visit a lot of sites and dig down into them.