Camper/Caravan/Solar Wiring

Hi, new user so please be gentle

I really like the looks of this tool and the way it works, but although it seems dedicated to electronics, seems to me that it would be pretty straightforward to use it to build a circuits for campers, caravans, boats and so on.

Any objections from the community?

No, no obj’s here, and in fact I was thinking about this a few days ago. I was looking at this guy’s circuit and thinking how similar it is to an automotive workshop manual wiring diagram, so I was thinking of using FZ to do it. The only problem is there isn’t any simplified system diagrams for an object, ie, a trigger sensor and toothed wheel, in FZ. It’s not a problem for me as I can make them, but for you it might be hard to make stuff. To make parts you need to draw it in a vector drawing program, and add terminals to the FZ part standard. The way I would do it, if a part has 3 connections I would use a 3 pin header part and then draw the pic of what I wanted in that svg.

I made some tutorials a few years back if you’re interested.

I took a look at the other tutorials already, not sure if they are the same ones, will check later.
Seems like I need the editor, and images/specs of the components I need to include. I was a bit put off by the warnings about new release and all the tutorials being out of date.
Guess there’s no point in the image for PCB creation - or is that enforced by the system?

Yeah you will only need BB view so that’s the only drawing you will have to make. Just use the header part as a base, but only import the new BB view and make it a new part.

My tutorials are pretty up to date, it’s just that they are long because I practically teach you how to draw in Inkscape. Some of the FZ usage tuts are out of date, but there are just as many using the newer FZ.

Thanks. Have been away. Looks like getting the original images will be the main issue.

I’m not going ahead with this, sorry. Too much effort for what I’ll get out of it. I was able to do what I needed with Libre Office Draw.