74HCxx Series Logic

I’m a new user of Frizing and wanted to try my hand at parts creation. I thought I would start with something straightforwards first (simple ICs). I started a library of 74HCxx logic ICs that I am using in some projects.
I didn’t find a similar library (insert 30 second delay before someone links me to a better library =P), but what I was hoping for was any comments on things I have missed or done incorrectly in the definition.


AFAIK there isn’t a library of 74 series parts but there are a fair number of examples around. Here is a set that I have from various places (some I have made, some I have collected from the forum or the net.)


A google search of the form “fritzing part 74ls86” will turn up anything that is available. You look to be using generic ICs, you can add labels to the pins by clicking Edit pin labels in Inspector (the lower right window.)

If you are willing to do a fair amount more work (and someone in the forum was doing such work as part of a project to create schematics from existing pc boards and has uploaded at least some of his parts) you can make custom parts where the individual sections can move independently in schematic like this (which is the 74x125.fzpz file in my list)

default load:

click on an element and move it around

with the internal logic being represented. Instructions on how to do that are available in this tutorial set on part making (but part making in general is fairly complex, and variable subparts are one of the more complex features!)

there are 10 or 11 parts to this series and I think one of them covers schematic subparts.


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I doubt it although I’m not an expert on bin files. In general the part svgs will be in Fritzing determined locations, for the core parts files


for the fzp files and


for the svg files. User loaded ones are in


for the fzp and

Documents/Fritzing/parts/user/svg/breadboard|icon etc.

for the svgs. In general you probably want to let Fritzing deal with the paths, there is an internal database which keeps track of parts.


With regards to labelling the pins, I did do this, but via the connectors tab, not the IC ‘Edit Pin Labels’, section. I notice that you can only edit the pin labels at the time of creation of the IC, and not later. It appears that the wizard then uses these labels to one-shot create the schematic with labels and also pass along the labels to the connections.

If you miss/skip the pin labelling when creating the IC and only use the connections tab, these are correct, but these labels aren’t propagated back to the schematic. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature. It seems that I need to completely recreate the part again since if I open the part .fzbz and edit the label names in the archive and re-zip it, Fritzing crashes on reimport =/ (I assume 7 zip is setting some archive flags Fritzing doesn’t like).


Unzip the fzbz file which gives you the fzp and 4 svg files for each part

scroll down to the schematic svg section

and double click on the schematic svg to edit it in Inkscape

then edit the text associated with a pin (you can also change the font size and other parameters in the text line above it) to add the text you want. Then save it as plain svg (Fritzing sometimes doesn’t like some of the Inkscape extensions!)

Then you can either edit the svg with a text editor and remove the px from the font size (which Inkscape adds for CSS compliance but Fritizng objects to and sets the font size to either 0 or very large neither of which is desirable!) or run the associated fzp file through FritzingCheckPart.py like this

which spits out a few warnings but removes the px from font-size if present (it looks like it wasn’t in this case), and checks the part for correctness leaving the original part files in .bak files (which should be removed when you are finished!) Then rezip all the files to the fzbz file again and you should be away. FritzingCheckPart is available here on github:


I just tried re editing the pin labels and it works with a few quirks (I usually make new parts and don’t use the generic IC!) Here I edit the labels, then edited the part with parts editor and saved it to the mine parts bin then shutdown and restarted Fritzing and reloaded the part from the mine parts bin. Note it has set edit pin labels in Inspector to false.

changing that to true allows editing the pins but at the cost of losing the already changed labels ( because the code recreates a generic IC with the default labels it appears.)

Now you can edit the labels again. I prefer to edit the part and change the family name from generic IC so that Fritzing won’t re edit the part in Inspector.


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That was complicated…but worked. All of the schematic images for all components are correct now. I’ll add more components as I get requests, but feel free to use any of these =).

Unfortunately most things about making parts are complicated … In this case you usually need to be dealing with the parts files (the .fzp and svg files) rather than the bin files.


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I installed the latest Beta ~3B yesterday after upgrading to Win10 on a newer machine, lost my earlier versions…
I CANNOT get a new part to file with the Breadboard, schematic, and PCB images. I just get a blank file. The file I need is a “TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver” which I use a LOT; and I know thousands of others have one. If you know anyone that does stepper motor development, please notify them (and ME)

Assuming you mean Fritzing 0.9.3b that is some 6 or 7 years old. Current version is 0.9.10 (which has many bug fixes.) Available from Fritzing.org for download (with a donation to fund the project) I suggest upgrading. As to your motor driver a google search for “fritzing part tb6600” turns up several hits as custom parts that are downloadable from the net (it isn’t in core parts.)