74LS Series Parts for Logic Circuit

So, I am new from Fritzing parts creation, and was trying to search for a 74LS parts for my project, but apparently, there’s little, in my experience, and saw this person creating 74HC Series Parts, which inspired me to make one for 74LS, and what I mean of “make” is I just modified most of this person’s part and other people, which I don’t claim it as I made it myself, credits to them. And, created some parts that are commonly used from what I’ve experienced, and I’m also new to digital electronics, although the schematics aren’t done yet in this repo. Feel free to give me feedback, suggestions, and issues, and what to improve.

Github Repo:


In general a google search of the form “fritzing part 74ls08” will find anything that is available on the net (there are some but certainly not all of them available in various forms.)


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