12 pin FPC 0.7mm Pitch Footprint?

Its a rare footprint and I need some help making it. Or if someone has one that they made or found in the past that would be nice. I think this can easily be done with a custom part made off of the Header object in Core Parts. But I can not specify an exact distance between the pins.

If you have the data sheet for the connector I can make a part.


I cant find a datasheet for it but adafruit has a board and schematic with one. GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit-FPC-SMT-Adapter-PCBs: PCB files for the FPC SMT Adapters its the one called “Super Lucky Mutli FPC”. I only need that with 12 pins.

The 0.7mm pitch appears unusual, digikey doesn’t have any fpc with 0.7mm pitch, but the brd file from Adafruit and Eagle2Fritzing should do the trick.


I didnt know Eagle2Fritzing existed. Thank you! Also it doesnt have a connector because of its rare type. So you have to solder the FPC / FFC cable straight to the footprint. Thank you for pointing me towards Eagle2Fritzing. This will help a lot in the future.

There are connectors (with no data sheet) available from China for instance here:

although they may have high minimum orders.

Help is a relative term :slight_smile: . It was designed by the developers for use by the developers and thus assumes you can add the necessary parts of the fzp file that it doesn’t populate (this tutorial may help some with that)

these days I use Randy’s Inkscape schematic creator

and just delete the schematic for Eagle2Fritzing. You also need a Fritzing development environment to build Eagle2Fritzing.


Thank you. Do you have a tutorial on how to use eagle2fritzing. I got both the fritzing github from adafruit download because that one has the run.py file and I have the github of eagle2fritzing.

Ok I got it working from a adafruit tutorial. Only problem is it didnt get the pads.

It did get the pads on the breadboard svg

You did better than I did, for me Eagle2Fritzing tells me the board outline is missing and it doesn’t generate anything at all. So it is on to plan B where I created the necessary pcb pads from the jpg image of the board on the adafruit site. Now I need to fix up breadboard, schematic and the fzp file and we should be away.


Super Lucky Multi FPC_pcb
Super Lucky Multi FPC_breadboard
If it helps any, here are the 2 svgs

This should do what you want. The silkscreen is probably a little large (as I don’t know the size of an actual connector.)

12pin-.7mmpitch-fpc-connector.fzpz (4.9 KB)


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