Futures discussion on github


Someone from the Fritzing fab company (AISLER) has started a discussion on github about the future of Frtizing development. If you have interest, you may want to join in.



Thank you for describing the current situation with Fritzing. I’m curious to know if the proceeds/royalties from sale placed with Fritzing Fab help to support the effort? It was not clear to me from the video.


I’m not connected to any thing official in Fritzing, so this isn’t definitive, but I believe the funding from Ainsler is going in to the development funding pool. You may want to post this in the discussion issue on github as I don’t know if anyone who would know for sure reads the forums anymore. I have heard that the goal for a finished release of Fritzing is $40k euros and the pot is currently at $6K euros (some 4 years on) so I don’t hold much hope of help from that direction. At this point I’m not sure the pool of developers is still even available. If Fritzing is to survive we need to attract people to do development. The offer in the video to partially fund a manager is very encouraging if it can be done, but the problem is still people willing and able to contribute. There has been previous discussion on github about doing a fork (which he referred to in the video). I pointed out that until there is some development effort ongoing and a refusal to accept the commits on the current repository a fork appears pointless. No development activity that I am aware of has occurred after that point (and the fork discussion died out). Currently the development environment is broken, I’m working on a parts commit to correct that, and after that intend to try and get a fix for the libgit2 issue on Windows working and see if I can get it released. One issue there is going to be how to get a release candidate up for testing. The discussion on github may help that if they can get the attention of someone with commit access, or I may be able to get it done via a pull request when and if I have something that looks workable. I expect that is going to be a while though as there are a number of problems of which the parts update is only the first.