XKC-Y25-PNP Non-Contact Liquid Capacitive Level Sensor

Capacitive level detection sensor.

XKC-Y25-PNP_1f985a8fa12d6567b3f59984394d7227_24.fzp (4.2 KB)

There is already a part here:

so it is usually better to do a google search first to avoid duplicating effort (unless you are learning part creation and want to recreate an existing part as an exersize.) A search of the form:

fritzing part xkc-y25

is what I usually use. That said, the fzp file above is only one of the 3 or 4 files required for a part (typically in a .fzpz file, which is a zip file with the .fzp and 3 or 4 svg files.) Without the associated svgs this part won’t load in Fritzing. The necessary format for the fzpz file is contained in this howto:


I actually did search for it.
fritzing XKC-Y25-PNP did not bring any results on Google.
XKC-Y25 also brings nothing up here the forum, because it is called -25Y instead of -Y25 in the topic. - I propose to rename the title of the other post to XKC-Y25-NPN how it is written on the label of the sensor.

fritzing part XKC-Y25-PNP on Google would have brought the result for this forum entry, but I did not search for it. Thanks for the hint with the fritzing part ..., it brings better results.

Ok, I did not notice the difference between fzpz and fzp, but it probably makes no sense to spend more time with my own part since yours look much better.

Done, at least for the part. Google searches for the correct part and I didn’t notice the original request was the wrong letter order!


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