Looking for part xkc-25y

I’m looking for part XKC-25Y PNP 5-12 volt.
It is a waterlevel sensor.
Can anybody help me?

If you want a timely, and accurate, response for a request for new or changed parts, have a look at (and follow) the information in FAQ: Where can I find “specific part”.

This should do what you want. There is no information on the spacing of the connector, so I assumed .1 in pitch, if the real thing is not .1 in that will need to change. You should also verify the pin outs. I used the label on the top of the case, but you should verify the order using the color of the wires (as that is how the website defines them and the order is different!)

edit: Change the name from xkc-25y (which is incorrect) to xkc-y25 (google search ignored the incorrect letter order and I didn’t notice!):

xkc-y25.fzpz (4.2 KB)