Why rfid reset is connected to arduino ground

like the title, this is the problem i was encountered
is this a bug?


can you help me @vanepp

There doesn’t appear to be anything obvious wrong with this. Your best bet is to upload the .fzz file that pade it (upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) so we have the entire sketch to look at.


here it is, just the thing i download from this site.
Arduino-Uno-r3-with-RFID-RC522.fzz (23.8 KB)
i don’t understand why the reset pin in rfid is wired to gnd pin and gnd pin in rfid is wired to D9 pin which is basically wired to reset pin in rfid

It appears to be a bug with the rfid part in that the pin labels in schematic (and possibly the pins too) are wrong. In breadboard it looks fine:

ground it going to the ground pin on the rfid board (assuming the part is correct of course.) But in schematic it goes to a pin which says it is ground (and may be ground!) but has a different label. You would need to get the pin out for the board and see what is correct.

It could be that only the schematic pin labels are wrong and this will work as intended or it could be broken.


this site has a pin out for this board that appears to match the .fzp file labels (making it likely the schematic labels are what is incorrect.)

since the labels in the fzp file match the pin outs on the web page the pin name you get when you hover over a pin should be correct and if it is labeled differently then the label rather than the pin is wrong.


i try many version of rc522 but it still the same, is this a program bug?

No, it is a part configuration bug. Try this part it looks to be OK at a quick look

found via a google search for “fritzing part rfid rc522”


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