RFID RC522 module part for 13.56 Mhz Card

I am a new user of fritzing and I haven’t found a part for RFID RC522 so I took me a whole day to make this part which includes downloading INKSCAPE, learning it, Learning How to make custom parts in fritzing newer version as the workflow has been drastically changed then the older versions. And finally been able to make this part

Download the following FIle
.RFID RC522 SIP - 8 pins.fzpz (56.2 KB)RFID2


First a google search for “fritzing part rfid rc522”, which is where I always start when considering making a part, turns up an existing part which looks similar to yours:

That said it looks like you have done a good job of it and more parts makers are always useful :slight_smile: . Over all it looks fine and very good for a first part.


After looking into this part, I must say it is pretty good being your first Fritzing part :smiley:

Can be improved if you can add the pin header connector, the oscillator and smd resistor / capacitor / diode components.

EDIT: If you look into fritzing-parts/svg/breadboard/DFRobot-DFPlayer-mini-breadboard.svg, you will find those components.

Hi! I found this part in my search too but I was not happy with the fact that I wasn’t labelled so that gave me a reason to try my own part and I am happy that I have learnt a lot in a bit of time. Thanks

Totally agree that it can be improved. I will try to add the pin header connector and the oscillator. thanks

If you run in to problems feel free to ask here. We like to help folks making parts …


thank you so much, saved me the stress

Great job! I could use this pretty good.