Where do people share their parts?

I read a great Tutorial on Part creation;

The part in the example wasn’t the one I needed, but similar. It got me wondering; where do people share the parts they have made?

I’m looking for a very common hex buffer (4050) and I’m sure many people must have made one in the past. I can only find one on Github, but it’s not ideal for my schematic.

I don’t mind making one by following the tutorial, but where do I share it so others can use it when I’m done? Does Fritzing have a bin where amateurs (or pros) can upload their parts?

Almost everywhere :slight_smile: , the best bet is a google search like this: “fritzing part 4050” which turns up a part in the adafruit library (which they maintain and is not loaded by default to Fritzing):


Yes, that’s the one I found, the only one! :neutral_face: I thought there would be a place set up/recommended by Fritzing.

I’ve never used Github before, is this where you upload the parts you want to share to? Are there any tips how to do it?

To get a part in to core parts you need to make a pull request on github against the parts repository. I usually post the parts here in the forum (github usually bites me when I try and submit to core parts :slight_smile: .) The best bet is a google search because that catches most anything that is out there (which in logic isn’t a whole lot!) several manufacturers (adafruit, sparkfun and others) maintain their own repositories of parts but google will find them all.


Thanks, I’m just in the process of modifying your 74x125 into a 4050. I’ll post it in a new topic when I’ve done for everyone to see.

The adafruit library seems an inviting place to upload your parts. Is this similar to core parts, or is it more forgiving?

I was going to suggest either it or the 74x367 (which is hex) as a base. If you hit problems feel free to ask the subpart stuff is tricky (and not supported by parts editor as far as I know.)

The repository is the same. To be honest it isn’t the upload that is hard, but syncing the local repository afterwards that I have problems with. I think my problem can be cured by reversing the commit for the pull request (so the repository again matches the master) because the problem likely is trying to reconcile the pull request added to core parts with the changes from the pull request that are now in my local repository and I suspect backing out the pull request commit will fix that. As far as I know the adafruit repository is only for their products not general parts.


I just need a place to easily upload parts and download parts that other people have made. I don’t really understand why I would need to sync with the repository?

The parts submit section of the forum works fine for that (it used to be that the parts posted there got moved in to core parts, but that hasn’t happened for years.) The repository gets your part included in core parts so people don’t need to download it, it will be there automatically in the standard parts bin.