Where are parts stored when running Fritzing in Fedora?

I had install 1.0.0 as built by Fedora Linux.
I would like to contribute with several parts, yet i can not find a hidden ./fritzing folder in ./home/myself, so i can see the SVGs and edit them.

Speaking of SVGs, can i edit them on an app like Inkscape?

Depends on what parts you want. The core parts are generally in a directory called fritzing-parts in the same directory as the Fritzing executable (although the Fedora folks may have moved that.) The easiest way to get parts is likely to start Fritzing and right click on the part in a parts bin or in a sketch then select edit part (new parts editor) from there

then save it as a new part which writes it to the mine parts bin

from there export it to a .fzpz file like this

which writes the .fzpz file to the file system. Now if you unzip the .fzpz file you will get the .fzp file and the 4 svg files that make up the part.

Yes although it needs some post processing to make Fritzing happy. The following tutorial on parts making may help.

Part creation howto part 1 breadboard and pcb


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