Want to create a custom part for my design but cant

Hello, Just got this software to make some schematics up for some of my projects as I liked the appearance of its drag and drop interface and having used more sophisticated cad softwares at work I thought id be able to add my own custom parts libraries if the parts didnt exist.

But have now that I paid for the software I have found out that they have changed the software to stop you from adding from scratch (implies on the website that you can make your own parts) and none of the generic models are even close to what im wanting.

Its a 3d printer driver board initially but there is also some custom PCBs that I want to add too. Is there a way around this or am I unable to use this software?

Welcome aboard! You are misreading the statement. They didn’t stop custom parts (and with sufficient knowledge, you can create a part from scratch), they are suggesting that you start from an existing part because the required file format is complex and poorly documented (and the Parts editor is still a work in progress and needs a properly formatted base file to work from, and has limitations because it is not yet complete.) That said learning to make parts isn’t particularly easy, but a number of us will help if you run in to problems. These two tutorials on parts making apply to the current version of Fritzing (most of the rest are for older versions of the software), but asking here is still probably the best way to get answers until we get better documentation together.