WAGO 250 print block

Hey friends,
does anyone of you have an idea how i could use this in fritzing?

The solder-pins that go into the pcb are arranged in two rows with an offset

Thanks, Jakob

You can make that part for fritzing, using It’s Datasheet…
If, having problem, I can try to make it…

Hi Blue,
thanks for your reply! I have absolutely no experience with making parts in fritzing, so, if you have some spare time, I would greatly appreciate if you gave it a try:)

This should be fairly easy, just clone the camdenboss CTB0158-8 in core parts and change the pcb footprint. If @Blue doesn’t have time I can do it easily enough.


I have lots of time in this lockdown…

I think you can make it faster…

I was going to make it by new breadboard view…

Hi Blue,

I need for Wago contacts in 3.5 mm (positions 2,3,4,5,6 :slight_smile: I don’t really know Fritzing. Maybe you can go on helping? Thanks, Jörg

can you give me the datasheet, That will help for hole size, silkscreen…

Wago 734-162, Wago 734-164, Wago 734-164, Wago 734-165, Wago 734-166


Wago 734-162, Wago 734-163, Wago 734-164, Wago 734-165, Wago 734-166

Hello, @Jagup
I made your part…
But not sure it is perfect or not… Cause the datasheet is in German… And the first pin is on the very right & front I think… Also, there is a extended part on the left…


So, just check and let me know if I did it right or not…
wago 2.5 8.fzpz (5.0 KB)

I was thinking, 2pin & 3pin will does the job for other pin version…
But as per as the datasheet, have to make different parts…

See If they works:
wago 3.5 2p.fzpz (3.9 KB)
wago 3.5 3p.fzpz (4.0 KB)
wago 3.5 4p.fzpz (4.2 KB)
wago 3.5 5p.fzpz (4.3 KB)
wago 3.5 6p.fzpz (4.4 KB)

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Hey @Blue,
thank you very much . I really appreciate it! I checked all the measures and I think that you part should work!

Hi @vanepp,
thank you! @Blue already made a part and I think that it should work. If you have the time, of course feel free to try the camdenboss-way :wink:


That’s not a big deal… Just some replacement with core part…

Camdenboss wago 2.5 8p.fzpz (6.4 KB)

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cool thank you very much!

I looked @blue 's part over and decided he had mostly nailed it just fine :slight_smile: I would perhaps make all the connections in breadboard on the same Y axis position as in the real part, but where the actual connection takes place is equally correct. With more folks than mostly me making parts again we need to try and not duplicate effort. I’ve become so used to being the only one left making parts for folks that I don’t necessarily say that I am making a part, but with multiple people helping I need to remember to say that I will make a part so we don’t have multiple people working on the same part and duplicating effort.



Hi Blue,

Thanks for your work !!!

Hi Blue,

Thank for your work. You have helped me a lot. If you could lay out a 10 pole and 12 pole, then I am complete. Thank you and best regards Jörg

U’r welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the late reply, there is some electricity & network issue here due to last cyclone Amphan…

Ok, I will make & upload those by tomorrow…


Here, check if they are all okay…
159. Req - wago 3.5 10p.fzpz (5.0 KB)
160. Req - wago 3.5 12p.fzpz (5.3 KB)


That is really very nice of you.