USB cable in breadboard view

Does someone know where to find the usb cable parts shown in this breadboard view:


Image source is found here in the Raspberry Pi forum.

No, but since it is trivial to make one:

bb-usb-cable.fzpz (1.9 KB)


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Nice, thank you Peter.

@vanepp I have added some more detail to the usb plugs in the breadboard view.

Micro_USB_B_Plug.fzpz (12.0 KB) USB_A_Plug.fzpz (9.9 KB)

@vanepp do you have some suggestions what to do with the schematic and pcb views?


I don’t know what to do with the RX, TX, 5V and GND pins in these views as they are not directly exposed in the breadboard view. Would you suggest to disable the schematic and pcb views? If so, how can I disable the schematic and pcb view in fritzing?

Yes, copy the layer configuration in the .fzp file from my original part. That suppresses schematic and pcb view. You will need to edit the fzp file directly as parts editor can’t do this.


Here is a modified version of the USB A plug with schematic and pcb suppressed.

USB_A_Plug-suppressed.fzpz (3.9 KB)


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