To-92 78xx voltage regulator with triangular input-ground-output pcb footprint

The existing family:SparkFun Voltage Regulator; package:to-92; variant:to-92; chip:78005; Voltage:5V core part does not match the pinout for a 78L05 I have, which matches this datasheet. The description in the part says the pinout is input-ground-output (what I need), but actually it is ground-input-output. The sku in the part description matches an L7805 in a to-220 package. I suspect that the part definition was cloned from the to-220 part, without being adjusted for the different pinout, I do not know if there is a different to-92 pinout used for other parts.

Here it is with the actual input-ground-output pinout, for a to-92 package, with a triangular footprint. This also corrects some of the common issues with the view svg image files. This is a generic version for any of the 78xx series. No voltage is specified in the part definition.

78xx_voltage_regulator_to92_3_100mil.fzpz (3.0 KB)