TE466 Single Motor Shield Generic VNH2SP30 Host Board

Manufacturer: Unknown / Generic
Model Number: TE466 (usually, but sometimes it goes by other names)
Views: PCB & Breadboard
Tested: Breadboard

This is a knock-off of the SparkFun Monster Moto Shield, but it only supports a single motor, and doesn’t pass through the pins from an Arduino.UNO like the SparkFun board does. This board seems to be available from multiple sellers on EBay, Amazon, and direct-from-Asia sites like alibaba.com and dx.com (deal extreme). Search for “Monster Moto Shield” or “Mini Monster Moto Shield”, or “Mini VNH2SP30 Stepper Motor Driver” (or some variation thereof) to find it.

TE466.fzpz (15.2 KB)

Note: This was my first attempt at making a custom component for Fritzing, so it’s probably messed up in many ways. Tried to get the measurements for the solder-pads / through-holes right, but I was measuring from an actual board with cheap calipers, so the graphics are probably only “sorta close.” I wouldn’t recommend having anything fabricated based on this component.