Tarjeta S4A EDU, pieza en proceso solamente falta la imagen en PCB y en esquematico

Tarjeta S4A EDU, pieza en proceso solamente falta la imagen en PCB y en esquemático.

Tarjeta S4A EDU.fzpz (36.4 KB)

OK, I have fixed up your part (that involved an almost complete rewrite however). There are still several issues though. First your original breadboard svg is scaled wrong (the connectors are not on .1in boundaries), in the end rather than trying to deal with it I grabbed an image of the board from https://www.gotronic.fr/pj2-34440-1407.pdf
and used that to place the pads. This means the pad placement is almost certainly inaccurate in pcb view. So as I assume you have one of these boards (which I don’t), if you could print out the pcb view at 1:1 scale and check it against the real board and supply the necessary changes to make pcb (and after that breadboard) match the real board that would be useful. As well some of the pins are in question. I assumed that the Analog pins are set up to take servos (although there is no lettering on the board that indicates that it seems the most likely solution) so the part is set up that way. If this isn’t correct then it needs to change. On the blue tooth connector the second row on the bottom has no indication of what the pins are. I assumed that it was identical to the blue tooth pins on the top of the board and made them the same. Again if this is incorrect it needs to change. Below is the corrected part configured as a new part (so it will load along side your original one), it has all three views configured what I think is correctly.

edit: I have discovered the two 4 pin connectors are not bluetooth, but rather the enable pins for the motor driver and the four associated data output pins that drive them (if the jumpers are installed) and thus this part was wrong. While fixing it I also changed schematic so that it matches breadboard (which will require any sketch that used the original part to be rerouted, although the pins are the same, just in different positions.) This is a corrected part:

Tarjeta-S4A-EDU-improved.fzpz (26.6 KB)

As before, I doubt the pads are in the correct place in pcb since it was made from a png file. If someone has a board and would check and supply the correct coordinates I will correct this yet again.

I assume you would like to know all the things I changed and why, so I kept copies of the svgs and notes as I changed the part and in a few days I will post it as a part making tutorial in the tutorials section and link that back to this topic.


Muchas gracias por mejorar la placa, te quedo muy bien.

It would be helpful if you could print out the pcb view at 1:1 scale and compare the position of the header connectors and the mounting holes to the real board. As I said I placed them from the jpg image of the board and thus they may be a little wrong. If you can provide how much the pin would need to move in x and y from its current position to match the board that would be great!


via google translate:

Sería útil si pudiera imprimir la vista de PCB a escala 1: 1 y comparar la posición de los conectores del encabezado y los orificios de montaje con la placa real. Como dije, los coloqué en la imagen jpg del tablero y, por lo tanto, pueden estar un poco equivocados. ¡Si puede proporcionar cuánto necesitaría mover el pin en xey desde su posición actual para que coincida con el tablero, sería genial!

Since I see the forum doesn’t seem to have noticed the edit, there is an error in the posted part which I have corrected and posted a new version replacing the old one. If you have downloaded this part, please download it again to get the corrected part.


As well I have posted how this part got made starting here (there are 4 parts):