SVG Assistance please

I’ve followed the instructions using inkscape and Illustrator, and I cannot figure out how to import my .svg. Can someone take a look at it and see what the problem is?

While in PCB view if you go to the parts window and search for " Custom " you will see at least one round white circle that is called “Custom PCB Image”. Drag that into the pcb view. Then after go into the Inspector and select load image file. You will also need to delete the original PCB that Fritzing starts with.

I just opened your file in Dropboxes preview and I see your page has not been resized yet. See here for more info Cant import SVG file for custom PCB shape please help

If you find it is still not working have a read through this thread Inkscape Tips and Tricks

I downloaded the file and opened it in Inkscape and see that you have used the Inkscape Label field not the id field to name them so Fritzing will not see them.

Also you did not have a stoke or color applied to the Silkscreen layer. I also changed the green to match Fritzing Green.

Thank you very much. I was able to load the design.

Do you happen to have a link that explains the grid and dimensioning? I need to place the led’s in fairly exact places to fit an machined piece.

That is a tough one. For me I use a lot of math. After importing the PCB image you can go into the inspector and set the board location to 0,0. That will be the top left corner when viewing from above. After that you can then set the location of the LEDs using their location setting and that corner as a reference. If the locations need to be really precise I suggest turning off align to grid in the view drop down. I hope that helps.

Another way could be to use an SVG of the layout you want imported as a silkscreen image (search the parts bin for " logo ") and then place the LEDs over the image and delete the image when you are done.

I believe others may have different ways of setting the location.

If you need exact placement I’d be tempted to make the entire board as a part and edit the pcb svg with an svg editor as they will let you specify that pad positions very accurately. You may also be able to find the svg files associated with the sketch (although I’ve not done this) and edit that so that the svg editor can place things where you want them too. I don;t know of (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one :slight_smile: ) a way to specify an exact position in pcb view in Fritzing.