Cant import SVG file for custom PCB shape please help

I used illustrator to create this L shaped part but when I import it into Fritzing it says rendering error and does not place the part. It is my first time making custom PCBs with Fritzing so any help would be appreciated! thanks

What are you trying to import it as? It has no layer id in the svg and would seem to want to be on silk screen (in which case putting in a group called silkscreen may help). I assume you are trying to import this via parts editor (which is something I don’t usually do) so this may not help much. You may be better off exporting the pcb from the part you are trying to make and add the shape to that (as it will already have the groups, copper0, copper1 and silkscreen) that fritzing expects.


I do not think they are making a part but rather a PCB.

For a custom PCB you need to make sure the board has the correct ID as vanepp said and it is supposed to be a specific color. I would tell you how to do it but I have never even seen Illustrator never mind used it.

Maybe these will help:

I downloaded the SVG and opened it in Inkscape.

Problem 1 is the ID as vanepp said. The board needs to be in a group with the ID “board”.

Problem 2 is the page size is not set to the same as the object. In Inkscape you go into page properties and set page size to match the selected object.

I have copied the path into a new Inkscape SVG and made the changes for you. If you want a silkscreen layer you will still need to add it as another group called “silkscreen”(top silkscreen) and/or “silkscreen0” (bottom silkscreen)

Thanks so much sublimeartistry! The new PCB opens perfectly

No worries. It took me a while to get comfortable making PCB SVGs and now it seems so easy.