Special TYPE of SPST (part)

Hi im looking for a specific type of SPST to draw circuits for my pupils.

We are using ONLY that type of switch and for SOME of them its too difficult to build from sketches with differen types of switches. (Why are there 3 connectors? Mine is not green …)

Abb.224 should use a switch looking like the one in Abb. 223.

See my post with switches at http://forum.fritzing.org/t/looking-for-a-on-off-on-switch/4630

There’s a (Blue colored) SPST exactly as you want - I use them all the time for power. The graphic is homemade but, that’s only a cartoon for the breadboard.

To my surprise you are correct, there doesn’t seem to be a real breadboard toggle switch anywhere, so I whacked one together (it isn’t the best in the world but it gets the idea across I think) and created a part using it:


and the part:

Edit: Breadboard alignment was a little bit off so I corrected it and replaced the part.

Toggle Switch spst.fzpz (7.8 KB)


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Thank you a lot!
Thats exactly what I needed!!

I hope I’m not rude…

But… can you tinker this one too?

Its already in the standards, but with a different picture.


Not at all, parts creation takes a long time to learn so its usually easier to get one of us to do it if you only need a part or two. For me this was only about a 15 minute job and is likely to be useful to a lot of people. The time consuming part was making the toggle breadboard image , because I’m poor at the graphic part of this :slight_smile:

Yep that’s easy. Note I corrected an alignment error in breadboard view on the spst version above and replaced the uploaded file just now.

Toggle Switch spdt.fzpz (8.3 KB)


Again … Thanks a lot!
With your help my lecture notes for my pupils become more and more professional.