Looking for a On-Off-On switch

Hi there,
I’m pretty new with Fritzing, I wanted to schematize a circuit I have done but I’m missing many components.
Lets start with the switch!
I have an arduino waiting to get a Digital HIGH on either ON positions, but I need a OFF position in the middle. None of the switch I saw has it.
I figured out some of the missing other parts like the Dual H-Bridge.

Thank’s help me!

In Frtizing search for DPDT or SPDT

They stand for dual/single pole dual throw which is the type of switch you are looking for.

Unfortunately none of the switches I could find in Fritzing match the OP’s requirement. It is a SPDTCO or DPDTCO the OP wants (the CO standing for Centre Off), and there are none in Fritzing.

This may help…

First: You can simply use any current part that has 3 pads at the pitch you need for your switch.

Second: I made several for some of my Arduino gizmo’s - The micro-switch slide switch has 3 small pads (on-off-on).

Third: The Blue Toggle is on-off-on. The only thing different between a Toggle and a Slide is the Graphic for the BreadBoard. Thus, you can use it for a Slide Switch if you can live with the BreadBoard graphic (or change it…)

Lastly: Just to complete the picture, the third uses only two positions on a on-off-on slide switch.

Slide_Switch_new.fzpz (6.4 KB)
Slide_SW_micro_dpdt.fzpz (5.9 KB)
ToggleSW_Blue1.fzpz (6.8 KB)