Songhe DC 1 Channel Optocoupler 3V/3.3V Relay High Level Driver Module Isolated Drive Control Board 3V/3.3V Relay Module

Hi. I’m looking for a Fritzing model of this relay module. :blush:

It has 3 connection points via the screw terminals on each side, a total of 6 connection points excluding the isolation jumpers above and below the optocoupler.

It is 70 x 17 mm - I measured it with a ruler. One site say it is only 70 x 16 mm.

There may be versions with 5V and 12V relays too, so by leaving out the voltage text on the relay you can cover them all I guess. :smile:

Links to details:

A google search for “fritzing part 1 channel relay module” turns up this part (along with a few others) which may do you:


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Yes, thank you for your suggestion. But it is not the same size as the one I am looking for.

It would be good to have a model that is the same size as the real one to plan the circuit better.

This part should do what you want.

1-chan-3V-relay-module.fzpz (10.3 KB)


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Yes, thank you very much. :+1: