SOLVED - 7 Segment Single Digit Display

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I am having a problem with the inbuilt single digit 7 segment LED display parts that come with Fritzing. None of them have the pins in the order that the ones I have bought are in. Basically, I need them in two rows at the top and the bottom of the display as shown in the spec at the following link
7 Segment Dispay spec

Has anyone made a par that fits the bill ?


There isn’t sufficient mechanical information (nor a part number to find such information) that I could see in a quick search. Modifying a part is relatively easy (at least for me) but sufficient information is needed.


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If the poster can’t find the datasheet I have some very old ones - maybe 80s - that I can measure that might be the same size. Then again the poster can measure his.

The actual datasheet would be better though.

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@vanepp, @Old_Grey
Hi Guys - thank you (once again) for responding and for being patient with a noob :slight_smile:

The actual datasheet for these displays is at the following link :

I’d love to amend the part myself in the parts editor - is there a decent up to date tutorial that you know of which would help me to understand how to do that ? Every tutorial I have found seems to be for the old parts editor rather than the new one.

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There is a tutorial. If you want it faster select the gear symbol in YT and pick a speed.

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Ah thank you - I’d put that one aside as I assumed it was out of date because of its age.
I’ll give this a go over the weekend and see how I get on.

9.3 might be 2 years old but it’s still current, so anything 9.3 is fine.

If 9.4 comes out it will be a long way away and probably won’t have any extras just the bug fixes, so essentially will be the same.

The only thing that might be missing is getting text to work, and to do that you have to remove the “px” in the XML file.

If you know XML you can hack the file directly.

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Great stuff - I will give it a bash.
Thanks for advice

Or you could do the sensible thing and enter “led display” in the parts search field, press enter and select the common cathode 13mm size display from the list displayed, which appears to be the correct footprint and pin out without you doing anything.



Er - I’m feeling kinda dumb now. I had used the search and just ignored that one because the icon showed the pins at the side :confounded:
Many apologies guys - thanks for the help though. And I can look forward to using those tutorials to learn about the parts editor.
{Ben goes and hides for a bit}

Can´t trust those icons. They sometimes get reused for other things that are close. How close being up to the part creator.

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Yeah, you hover over the search icon and look at the PCB footprint icon in Inspector.

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Thanks to all of you for help