Simple Solenoid lock

Another very simple one I canʼt seem to find…

fritzing solenoid lock arrow

Found here

As always google is your friend a google search of the form “fritzing part solenoid lock” turns up this post which should do what you want.


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did you get the part? can you share it with me? i would greatly appreciate it

The part is in the post referenced just above this. Click on it and you will find the part. The google search will also find at least one more part (which has a status output.)


Can I get the part like the one in the picture? Thanks

As noted the parts available are listed in the post referenced above. Click on the post and it will come up with the part.


But that’s not the same part. You keep saying it is, but even tho it’s a lock, it’s not what this post asked for.

The referenced part is electrically identical (i.e. two wires) and is as close as there is at present. It serves the same function and exists. If that doesn’t suit then someone would need to make a new part. The referenced part will work just fine even if it doesn’t look identical but it is not worth making parts for every variant.